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           Hi, our names are John and Helia Driscoll. We live in south central Nebraska where we spend most of our time farming. We bought our first dog, Myah, in 2015 shortly after we started dating, and we could not have asked for a better farm dog. In 2016 we started in the world of show dogs with our first purpose-bred dog, Mishka. It has been a wild ride since then. We have since bought Dink (2018), had our first two Doberman litters (2019 and 2020), and our first MBT litter (2022). We have a very strong passion to produce the best dogs we can in both of our beloved breeds. Our dogs are our everything and go everywhere possible with us. Whether we are going to pick up parts, check fields, go into the bank, or just visit with friends, our dogs are right beside us.

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