Ace Ventura Litter

DOB: 05/23/2022

Litter Size: 6

2 Colored Bitches, 2 White Bitches, 2 White Dogs

Protea's Fire-Heart


Emma is owned and loved by Matt & Andrea Eischens.

Emma is located in Minnesota.

Protea's What's Your Problem?


Patti is owned and loved by Art & Jill Graves. 
Patti is located in Nebraska. 

Protea's You Are My Tomorrow


Flint is owned and loved by Kim Howard. 
Flint is located in Oklahoma. 

Protea's Stronger Together


Coco is owned and loved by Norma Escoto.

Coco is located in Texas. 

Coco passed her S.T.A.R puppy exam at 4 months old!