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What to learn before researching a breeder

  • Learn the standard of the breed you are looking at. This will help you identify if the breeder is breeding to the standard.

  • Learn about the temperament variations within the breed and find out exactly what you are looking for.

  • Learn what health testing is required for the breed and what the overall health of the breed is like.

  • Learn about any disqualifications within a breed so you know what to stay away from. 

What to look for

  • Look for a breeder who doesn't seem to hide any information about their breeding program.

  • Look for a breeder who is breeding to standard.

  • Look for a breeder who does all of the required health testing for the breed. 

  • Look for a breeder whose goal is to better the breed.

What to ask

  • Ask for proof of all health testing done. 

  • Ask for pedigrees.

  • Ask for photos of the dogs in their everyday life. 

  • Ask the breeder what their goals and main focus is. 

  • Ask to see the contract.

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