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First OB/RA Q's for Dredger

Dredger went SD in a really nice specials line up both days. Not sure how many points that gives us towards his bronze now. He also went OHBOB and a OH GRP 2 on Saturday (there was no OH on Sunday).

On Saturday Dredger got his first Q towards his rally novice title with a 100! And a 1st place! We did not Q in his CD run, just barely. I think the day has just been to long and we had to run from OH groups to another building to make his novice run and had no warm up time.

On Sunday we showed in OB at 8am! Dredger got his first CD Q there! Even 2nd place out of 4! I was so happy with how he did. He also earned his second Q late afternoon in Rally Novice with a 95.

I am so proud of him and just how much he puts up with for me

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